[Update 1] Building my first server/website

Over the last week, I've been working on learning how and building a website from the ground up. It has been so much fun and I want to thank you all for the advice I received in my last post. It was incredibly helpful.
I'm currently running the server on a Virtual box. Once I get all my hardware together I will transfer it over. The name and address of the site will almost certainly change as there is an actual jewelry company with the same name that I just found out about.Because of this, I haven't yet gotten my https thingy.
If you are interested to see what I've done so far feel free to check out the site below.


Let me know what you think so far, or if something or everything doesn't work. Over the next week, I'll be working on setting up the actual server and attempting to make it secure, as well as hopefully setting up a shopping system.

Reference post: https://forum.level1techs.com/t/building-my-first-server-website-would-love-advice/110568/27


Congrats man, something I noticed is that your style sheet is at the end of your document, so therefore your site for just a split second will look a little bit like this:

That's because HTML is loaded in order, and therefore your content is loaded with the default browser style attributes until the browser gets to the style sheet which is at the end. You should move your link to the head of the document.

Otherwise good work and keep it up.


@BlueKoda Thank you so much, I was trying to figure out why that was happening!!!

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Checkout an HTML Validator to find random issues with your html.

Most of them probably arent a huge issue, though for example it found
<html land="en-US">
I assume you mean:
<html lang="en-US">

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