Upcoming firefly ITX-3588J - 20W, 10gb, file/home server potential?

Just seen a news post for Firefly’s ITX-3588J - a 20W arm-based mini ITX with an m2 slot, 4x Sata and pci-e x4.

If I recall my figures correctly, that’s enough bandwidth for a 10g nic, pop in a few 2.5"ssds and you’ve got a low power ~500MB/s server.

I imagine ARM drivers for anything pci-e might be an issue though?

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Its going to evaporate from shelves isn’t?


A lot of these things were announced before Kid Vid, but have turned into vaporware. It would be nice to see these come to fruition though, but for the same price, a lot of people would probably do better with a second hand PC, unless they are specifically going for low power.

I run a myriad of SBCs for task driven purposes and the low power and passive cooling is important for my use cases.