Unsure Which Version Of Sonic Colors: Ultimate Is Best... Would LOVE To Hear Your Thoughts/Opinions/Experiences, etc!

It sure seems like this post is just me struggling to decide/make up my mind, but hopefully someone here can help me out with that. :wink:

I’ve considered getting Sonic Colors: Ultimate as a late Christmas present for myself & have looked up some reviews. [Depending on where you look & when the review(s) themselves come out, they can be a bit mixed for sure.] But what I’m really torn between however, is trying to decide which version is best. I mainly seem to be torn between the version for the Nintendo Switch or the version for pc. I know for a fact since it launched/came out, it has gotten better & improved, but nonetheless, I’d like to hear you guys’ thoughts/opinions/experiences on the game & like which version(s) you believe are best.

Personally, I am really eager to try it out considering I haven’t played it yet! :smiley: Like always, if any of you need more details or wish to ask me anything about this topic, feel free to do so & I’ll get back with you! :slight_smile: Thanks in advance & hope someone here can help me make up my mind.