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Unsure what to do with my Mi Pad 4

So, last year I purchased Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 as my media consumption device of my choice. Primarily, I’m browsing the Internet, reading E-books and PDFs and I’m also watching Youtube and Netflix on it.

Now, I’ve always noticed that the quality of HD on Netflix wasn’t the best, but (and Youtube seemed better), but I assumed it was HD being “just” HD :smiley:

A couple of days ago, when Netflix quality got really shitty, I wanted to re-install the app, but wasn’t able to find it in the PlayStore (anymore?).

As it turns out, the Mi Pad 4 isn’t Widevine L1 certified, only Widevine L3. For Netflix 720p and upwards, a device needs to be L1 certified. Xiaomi however, isn’t interested in getting a L1 certification since this seems to be a western thing. Interestingly enough, my Raspberry Pi 3 seems to be L1 certified, or at least the software decoder it uses for Widevine is. So, do you think there are chances that the XDA folks can/will provide a fix for this?

And since we’ve reached the topic of XDA, the tablet is sometimes a bit picky, when it comes to Google stuff and I thought about installing LineageOS or Havoc OS. I’ve used LineageOS in the past, but Havoc OS seems to be awesome as well.

That being said, some devices seem to lose L1 support when the bootloader has been unlocked. While I don’t have L1 support (yet), it seems I might be losing the opportunity of getting it altogether.

Do you have any kind of input concerning this issue?

If you can put GNU/Linux or BSD on the device, then it is a win win situation I would think.

That is about all that I have for you.

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You’re completely out of luck. Sell it and buy an iPad.

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Well since Android has the Linux Kernel I’m already on it :smiley:
That being said, in which way would I profit (Besides Linux just being awesome :wink: )

@Ruffalo Damn… I don’t like Apple products. This isn’t even meant in the way that Apple as a company may suck, but rather I’ve always found them difficult to use.

Nothing in this world is easier to use than iOS. Your homepage is a bunch of icons, you tap one to start Netflix, that’s it. Over 10 hours of battery life and over an entire week on standby, you get updates for years, and everything works.

Android phones are completely defensible, they’re a fine choice. Tablets, not so much.

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Yeah, but files transfer is horrific (at least the way I want to use it). Generally, I detest being forced to use iTunes and I don’t even know if iTunes is able to run on Manjaro.

I had an iPhone a couple of years ago (3GS) and I liked it, but currently I think the User Experience I would like to have isn’t the best.

That being said, your suggestion for a Netflix device is good, since I’m certain that it will be a Widevine L1 device.

What are your issues with file transfers? IOS 13 supports SMB and it comes out on Thursday. It also supports USB thumbdrives.

I basically don’t think anyone should buy an Android tablet except at the ultra low-end. The Amazon Fire tablets are so cheap that even though they aren’t great devices, they’re a good value. Other than that, everybody should buy an iPad if they want a tablet.

My issues are the following (this knowledge might be dated).

Let’s assume I download a file and want to transfer the file to my PC. When using an Android device, I can connect it via USB and transfer these files without any issues, no matter the OS installed.
Likewise, if I want to transfer a file (or files) from my PC to the device I would like to be able to do so by means of USB,

I do this often enough that dealing with it is a hassle. The tablet I’m currently using would be awesome, if it had L1.

That doesn’t work even with iOS13. However you can mount your PC via SMB and copy the files over easily enough that way.

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There is a difference between Linux the Kernel and GNU/Linux the operating system. Especially as we are moving to systemd/Linux. BSD, well that is something different entirely.

If you could put another user maintainable OS on that device, then you are not tied to OS vendor lock in (IOS, Android, Windows Phone Mobile…)

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I still wouldn’t be able to get Widevine L1 though…besides, Linux (GNOME) touch support isn’t that great imho.

To each’s own. It is a step in the right direction and you have a choice of other DEs. But at this point you are best off just buying another device if you can’t find a solution that meets your exact needs.

He has zero choice, widevine L1 DRM has not been broken.

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