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Hey guys,

So, whenever I try to install something using yaourt (AUR), it will install, but it keeps popping up with errors saying that the package isn't supported. This is on three fresh installs (different systems) after doing updates and I'm pretty much stuck. I can still install the packages, so that's not a problem, but constantly being told that the packages aren't supported, has me rather confused. Any help with this would be great, thanks!

linux-pf 4.10.3-3  (2017-04-28 19:25)
( Unsupported package: Potentially dangerous ! )
==> Edit PKGBUILD ? [Y/n] ("A" to abort)
==> ------------------------------------

This message?

This is just something put in there saying that this package is from the community and isn't from the Arch package maintainers. It could potentially contain malicious code or break your system. It's basically a "use at your own risk" message.

If you know what you're installing, it's safe to ignore the message. I usually look through the PKGBUILD file before I install from AUR to make sure it's all good.

AUR is completely unsupported. Yaourt is also completely discouraged and pretty much at the bottom of the list of aurhelpers that your not suposed to use anyway.

@SgtAwesomesauce Ah I see, I just remember that unless the numbers weren't next to it like so: 5 aur/discord 0.0.1-7 (82) (24.76) (they're yellow in the terminal...) unless the package was brand new, but I'm behind I suppose haha thanks man.

@Eden Is that so, would you kindly mind answering what I'm supposed to be using now, or should I completely stay away from the AUR and instead build all of my packages manually? Thanks!

To answer your question, I'll refer you to this archwiki page.

@SgtAwesomesauce I'm sure this is subjective, (and also thank you so much for the link, I'm obviously not even close to understanding Linux...) but which helper do you personally use?

I use pacaur. It's absolutely subjective. My recommendation is to look at the ones that are green across the board and figure out which one best suits your use case.

Everyone starts somewhere. It's all about learning and enjoying the OS. Don't feel bad about learning. Clearly since you've got Arch installed, you know quite a bit. Most people's eyes glaze over when I talk about pacstrap, /etc/fstab and setting timezones.

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The recommendation is to not use any. It's unsupported and your not meant to use aur in the eyes or arch Devs.

Saying that the common more secure helper seems to be pacaur.

Just remember to review the package builds before you build them and install, the warnings are generally there for a reason.


@SgtAwesomesauce Haha yeah, I've been setting up Arch installations for a few years now, getting them to maintain has also been relatively easy, especially since most things just are annoyances you know?

@Eden That completely makes sense to me, so I'll make sure to check out errors from now on, or just grab the .tar.gz/etc. files from the websites for Linux and install them that way (more enjoyable for me anyway in the end).

Thank you both for all the help though, if I continue to use the AUR (which I'll start my adventure off without for right now) I'll be sure to use pacaur!

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