Unraid X570s GPU passthrough not working with GTX 1080

Strange Issue here as I have had this card working prior in gpu passthrough and further more it works when booted to baremetal windows.

System Specs:
MSI X570s Edge Max Wifi
Ryzen 5950x
64gb 3200mhz ram
samsung 900 nvme ssd in top m.2
wd blue nvme in second m.2
rx 6900xt in top pcie
gtx 1080 in middle pcie slot

1080 is connected to display through the level1 kvm (dual displayport with 5gb usb)

iommu is enabled
svm is enabled

I can create a vm and passthrough the 6900xt with ease only the 1080 is giving me trouble.
vm will start and the display will show an enlarged image of the unraid console log then turn to black.

No tianocore screen or displayout

attached is the diagnosis file from unraid
tower-diagnostics-20220425-1828.zip (300.2 KB)

any help is appreciated and if more info is needed please let me know

Updating for myself and anyone else whom is unfortunate enough to stumble into this unique problem.

Updating the bios didn’t work. This MSI board is good, but i think the bios is just lackin tbh. Or I couldn’t ever find an option for ACS like one my previous gigabyte board.

I do have secure boot enabled but I don’t think that’s an issue here

I’m tempted to try another card, and see if I can test if it somehow is the card but it still works in bare metal.

but cards are expensive so that will take some time to get :/.

Still no luck but theres still options

Hello all who read this,

But the issue has been resolved, which turns out to be the primary gpu issue with unraid/vfio systems. What is strange is that this issue occured with the 1080 as the second gpu in the system and lead me not to consider this.

solution is here: Is it even possible to pass through my primary GPU? What am i doing wrong? - #5 by brandon3055

tldr; issue was gpu passthrough as the primary card but setting boot options as such:

Hope this helps any unfortunate soul wander upon the internet, and my thanks to both Wolf and Brandon for figuring this out previously