Unraid migration options (Truenas or Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora + HoustonUI or Cockpit)

So I’ve been looking through the forum and have found some information on migrating from Unraid to Truenas. After two years of using Unraid I am looking at migrating to a Proxmox + something solution. I don’t hate Unraid and it is functioning well, I’m just looking to separate compute and storage as well as have some better granularity on certain things.

Where I am currently stuck is on which storage path to take. The principle reason I am moving from Unraid for storage is to take advantage of ZFS and the features it provides for data integrity and redundancy. I currently use a small virtualized Truenas Core install for shared Proxmox storage and syncthing. My goal is to move my NAS to a bare metal install for reasons previously mentioned.

Initially I just figured I move my all my Unraid and Proxmox storage into Truenas pools and call it a day. But after discovering Debian/Ubuntu/Rocky/Fedora + HoustonUI/Cockpit I am wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are between these two similar, but different, storage solutions?

Does one offer something significantly different (“under the hood”) the other lacks? Will one make the migration from Unraid btrfs shares easier than the other? Anyway, I look forward to the communities thoughts and any advice on how to best structure this move.

am trying to setup houston right now - I’ll let you know how it goes.