UNRAID-ing the hoard

Hi Everybody, :wave:

You might remember me from previous threads like, I watched Wendell’s Video and now my thing won’t work, or My First Watercooling Loop.

Join me in my adventure as I turn my Hoard of external storage into a functional media server, or at least that is my intention from the start.

First, let’s look at the majority of the hoard

As you can see there are 12 TB just sitting connected as external drives to my TV. I have another 10 TB as archived storage of things laying around, so I guess this is as good at time as any to do a project like this.

For the hardware I am using

Ryzen R5 1600
MSI B350M Gaming Pro
2x16GB Corsair LPX 2400CL16
RTX 2060
Samsung 980 NVME - Cache
2x2TB Ironwolf HDD - Pool

I know the astute readers will have noticed that the storage I have in the pool is nowhere near enough for the hoard, and you would be right. This config is the proof of concept version, and good thing, as the USB I am currently using is already showing itself to be bad, and causing problems like making the array stop etc.

So, my fun today is to back up the stuff on the array, even though it is temp I had to do a bit of renaming etc to comply with PLEX/Emby conventions, and then I can transfer over to a different USB

All while waiting for a few more things to advance to the next level :boom:
Stuff currently on order:
4x16TB Seagate Exos HDD
8GB Sandisk cruzer lowprofile USB

My current concerns:
The 1600 seems to be capable of handling the job. There probably isn’t going to be more than 2-3 clients streaming at a time on average. The highest target resolution presently is 1080. Which leads to my next concern, the mobo only has a 1Gbe port, and for my testing I am using it on a mesh net that is back ported with 5Ghz (mixed wifi 6 and 5). I know not the most ideal. Once I have things ironed out, the storage upgraded and the case I want ordered it will be on wire with a 2.5 Gbe potential connection; only limited by the onboard port.

oh, unRAID, nevermind