unRaid Home Server Build Log

I decided to share the rebuild of my latest home server configuration
lets start with the parts that would be going in!
3X 4TB Seagate Barracuda
1X 2TB Seagate Barracuda
1X 64GB Sandisk SSD
AMD FX6300 6 core
Gigabyte GA990FXA-UD3
16GB Cosair Value ram
Gigabyte HD 5450
600W 80+ gold Silverstone PSU
2X TP Link gigabit network cards
Random DVD and hot swap HDD bay

The Old system was a core 2 duo with 6gb of ram so this upgrade was well needed.
So the build began by ripping apart the old system and testing the fit of the new
(old assembled system)

Old mobo

And in for the new!
CPU scored on Ebay (Australia) for $80 shipped

Comparing the new motherbaord to the old

insatlled in the system

Sata and DVD drive in

Tight fit with all of the drives in!

Did some testing with a GT710 but it was later removed

And the Finished build

Back in the home rack

Unriad showing all system hardware correctly and this shot was taken while plex was streaming a 1080p stream across the network

Overall the build came together without too many hitches, in saying that there were a few bugs that could be fixerd on the motherboard side. During testing I wanted to use the on board raid controller that when enabled resulted in the system not booting and providing me with this very descriptive error:

Unraid has been configered to have 10TB of storage that can be rebuilt of 1 drive dies

Some of the things that would be nice in the future:
Modular power supply due to the space limitations in the case to remove some of the clutter
Quieter fans as the ones that come with the case are very noisy.
Motherboard that has all the features needed for unRaid to pass through a GPU
Better CPU cooler