Unraid hardening questionss (SOLVED)

So I posted this on the Unraid Forums but didn’t get any answers so I am hoping I will get better luck here.

First of all I am very new to these kind of things so I apologize in advance for any newbie questions. Anyways I’m trying to make Unraid more secure on my network and need some help. I have a Windows and Linux pc (dual booting), I made it so that when accessing shares I need to login with a username and password. But on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04.2 LST) when i go to Files/+ Other/Networks/ I see NAS (Remote Login). When I click on it I am not prompted to enter a username and password. It then directs to NAS.local where I can access my entire Unraid OS, Shares, everything. Being that it says NAS.local it makes me think its similar to login in on the web GUI but I feel like it should ask for a username and password still. Obviously I want to use the web GUI but I don’t want anyone on my network to just log straight into my Unraid Machine.

I also noticed another issue I would like to take care of. I don’t use ftp on my server so I disabled it, but every time I reboot my server it automatically re-enables itself and I have no idea why. Any help with these two issues would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance with any help you can provide.


So after looking into it I thought I sent the Flash drive to EXPORT NO but it was actually on YES (HIDDEN). That said though the user account I had set up had NO ACCESS. However, I am assuming this is whole issues is some kind of a bug. The flash drive should not have been showing up in Ubuntu and being nothing had rights to access it I don’t know why I was able to do so unprompted. I don’t have the know how to look deeper into that so I will just submit a bug report unless there is something I am missing. After changing it to EXPORT NO I am unable to access it at all though so that is good news. The only other issue now is FTP enabling itself on reboot but for that I will just create seperate thread.


After a little more research I came upon this thread. For some reason I couldn’t find it in the Unraid Forums but it popped up on my search engine. Its at least a decent explanation to the issue. Although as same said in the post I wish it could be disabled outright.