[Unofficial] Review of the Microboard M340CLZ 34" 3440x1440 Freesync Monitor

I originally wasn't going to review this monitor as I thought Wendell was going to but turns out might be a while? So i'll do it myself! I will also attempt to point out specifications that are neglected to be mentioned from other sources.
If you're here from somewhere else on the interwebs have mercy this is the first time i've reviewed something
Here I have the Microboard M340CLZ 42-100hz (21-100 fps) freesync monitor Featuring a Samsung IPS panel

Disclaimer, my vesa mount is modified see below

Is this monitor Vesa Compatible? eh... not really... See the hole pictured above? it's roughly 4mm too narrow for a standard vesa mount and some modification. additional screws are required, however, correctly located 100x100 screw holes are there! If you go the grind it down route, you will need 2 8-32x1/2 and 2 8-32x3/4 machine screws to screw it on.

It also comes with a metal stand (not pictured) it has the same finish as the edge of the monitor. it holds it a few inches off the desk, only adjustment is tilt.

The monitor has 1 DP 1.2 1 HDMI 2.0 and 1 DVI-D, DP is required for Freesync.

Here is a little video clip of Heaven to demonstrate freesync

please pay no attention to color accuracy this camera is a POS. The color accuracy is perfect I assure you. Also note when the frame rate drop belows 42 to 41 or lower (effectively making the monitor go suddenly from 42 hz to 82 hz or lower) it does alright with the transition unless if it goes back and forth between for example 38 and 43 fps really quickly in which case it stutters momentarily, not sure if that's because of the monitor or driver related latency. Games that are not properly optimized (looking at you Ubisoft and EA) and stutter a lot can cause the monitor to ever so slightly flicker (or worst case scenario 1 or 2 black frames on occasion) in freesync mode. If you're running 1 graphics card i'd pretty much consider this issue to be ignorable, if you're running 2 like I am, just keep it in mind. IMO it's not a deal breaker since the situations in which this arises, the gameplay would be unpleasant anyways.

As I mentioned above, color accuracy is spot on and unfortunately I do not own a camera worthy of capturing it, My unit only has backlight bleed when viewed from extreme angles so as far as a sane person would be concerned, no, it doesn't bleed, and there are no dead pixels.

I tested this monitor with the UFO frame skipping test and found that it does not skip frames, also ghosting is minimal. (i took pictures as video would not give accurate representation due to video frame rate)

Also, here's the menu in English so you can see where the language option is while in Korean and not sit there fumbling with google translate like I did lol

If I missed anything just ask and i'll probably add it to the OP if I think it's relevant :D

Conclusion: At the price of $650 is this monitor worth it?
Yes. Would buy it again without a doubt it features exceptionally better specifications over any similar name brand freesync monitor and it's cheaper!

Also, I'd like to thank @wendell for speaking with me about his experience buying from Dreamseller over the years, really put my concerns to rest and made me feel comfortable purchasing this.


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If I get VEGA when it comes out this might be my next monitor.


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Nice review

Wow great review i realy like to see reviews like this done by our users allot.
This is an awesome example about how to keep a community pro-active and productive.
Anyway, did Samsung start with their own line of ips panels?

Why is that such a beautiful shade of blue? The forums aren't that color for me.

I wish they were lol

because my camera is special ed. Take the colors with a grain of salt.

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Because the forums would look fucking awesome if they looked like that.

That would be super annoying.

To put how fucked up my camera is into perspective, that light in my case is pure white not blue.

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I do like the forums now. But I also like neon colors.

I wonder if we could do skins for it like LTT has.

Where did you get this, ebay?

Yep, dreamseller on eBay.

How do you mount this? Do you shave the mount itself down?

So much want.

Yeah took off about 2mm from each side of the mount with a grinder. If your mount is super skinny you might be okay but not all of them fit, would be willing to bet 90% of mounts will not fit without grinding.

I took apart the original backplate from the plastic cover and screwed it onto my mount with washers to space it. Kind of hooked it back in the way it originally does.

I thought of doing it that way but I figured I've got the tools I may as well do it right. Did your holes line up with that plate? They didn't on mine

It did. It doesn't seem too sturdy my way. I dont have any metal cutting tools though. and my mount is really big. Going to need to cut a lot off...

With a monitor that heavy totally didn't want to take chances. Could probably grab it by the arm and swing it around over my head and not worry about it the way I have it mounted. Not that I would, but I could.

How much would I need to cut out of this?