[Unoffical] Weekly Photography Challenge: Soda Can/Bottle

Greetings ,
I feel like we need a weekly photography challenge to:
Gives everyone a chance to show off.
To practice on different shooting challenges.

For the 1st week challenge: Take a picture of a soda can or soda bottle.
Rules: It must be your own pictures you took. You can only submit up to two pictures. You have to Sunday to submit a picture.
Suggestion: When you comment on someone's picture, offer constructive feedback, if you want to.
Post your picture in this thread.

Free Software you can use if you don't have any paid ones:
Gimp [Photoshop like] - https://www.gimp.org/downloads/
Lightzone [Lightroom like. Must register to download but it's free to do so.] - http://lightzoneproject.org/

I'll be submitting my picture when I get home from work today.



Here is mine:

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haha, i suck at lightzone


so much photoshop.... haha

yeaaa, it was a few years ago. I gotta find and come up with a better shot for this comp

Beer is like soda but better.


I like the pic... not the beer. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

How's this then?


Wow double whammy! Good beer and my favorite band \ (•◡•) / also its a nice pic.

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