University DDoSed by Its Own IoT Devices

An unnamed university has suffered a DDoS attack at the hand of its own IoT devices, according to a sneak preview of Verizon's upcoming yearly data breach report.

The DDoS attack was caused by an unnamed IoT malware strain that connected to the university's smart devices, changed their default password, and then launched brute-force attacks to guess the admin credentials of nearby devices.


Yeah, this is not even mildly unexpected.

I wonder how long it will take till someone manages to break into Alexa and google home to force them to start yelling obscenities all hours of the night...


won't be long in my opinion... I've wondered if those communications are encrypted. My friend has one and I am dying to go in with wireshark or bro and do some 'sniffing' around :)

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I'm sure they are encrypted, but it's more a matter of how well encrypted and if MITM is possible. On top of that, sometimes they'll accept unencrypted messages, even though they default to encrypted.

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Fairly certain that was my uni
Get rekt

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That just sparked an idea, we need to create a voice FUCK! assistant with tourettes!
The world needs this, we should all make it happen!


Uh, I'd be down, but my current project is going so well... Hmmm If someone wants to lead it, I'll contribute some code.

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I'd pitch in too. What language will we write it in?

We covered this in the news :D


When I watched the news I said : Hey, I posted an article for that !'

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I heard the story and smiled. Lights and vending machines DDOS'ing

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It's a bad state of affairs when your lightbulbs are bringing down your internet.

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