Unique Micro ATX Cases?

I'm looking for a unique Micro ATX Cases to put my PC in. The maximum amount I'm looking to spend is around $350. I'm consideringdoingwater cooling in the future, but please, don't let that shy away any not water cooling compatible cases, any Ideas? 

Bless our Lord and Savior, for blessing us with this Silverstone FT03.


And here's my current build in it :)

I'm kind of looking for something less mainstream, kind of likejonsbo's cases.

I'd recommend the Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL, but it seems to be in this weird sort of limbo where it never comes out lol

I have an mATX mobo in my air 540.

Jonsbo U3.
I have the windowed black version of U2, but U3 is exactly same thing that's slightly larger.
Also it's very cheap for an aluminum case with great quality. I guess you could put a 120mm radiator on the back, and let the GPU do its own thing. Heres a pic of my U2 with size comparison

It's maybe not what you are looking for but I show you it anyway. Parvum systems makes a pretty unique acrylic case. it's called S2.0... XD They have a lot of color combination and I think you can ask some custom cutting. I love the design. Really simple and look clean because the psu is hidden behind the motherboard tray! The only negative point in the 80mm rear exhaust fans, I think it's a bit silly. I would have put a 120mm instead.


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Where can I buy this thing.

I've been looking into this also, because I have a Switch 810 now but I need to move it around often. I like the case because I love water cooling and it can fit a 420 radiator, but moving it is a pain.

I've been looking at these micro ATX cases:
Fractal Design Arc Mini R2

Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV

Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL

The third one especially is very unique because it can house dual systems (uATX and ITX) or a very thick radiator up top.

Fractal Design Node 804. Definitely a unique case with healthy room for full size components, water cooling with good air flow to boot.
Another cool one is Bitfenix Phenom Micro ATX

that is a cool looking case

The Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV is one hell of a case!

Here's a modded Silverstone FT03 MATX Case.

Keep an eye out on mnpctech.com for when they come back in-stock.

I bought mine from Finnish parts store. Google is your friend.
Also I'm not sure about the name so try Jonsbo and Cooltek U2