Unifi AP Upgrade Decision

So I have 3 unifi ac lite placed across my two story house decent distance between all of them. My question is has anyone replaced there ac lite with a pro or nanohd and seen better coverage? I don’t need more throughput just better coverage.

Deploy more APs?

I think the pros are higher power but you may just have a penetration issue.

I might deploy more but was seeing if I replace one or two of them with Nano if coverage would be better.

I think you’d be better off trying the ac lr (long range) https://www.ui.com/unifi/unifi-ap-ac-lr/ It’s ~$70 cheaper.

You are probably aware, but just to be sure. 2.4 GHz signals will pass through walls and other obstacles much better than 5 GHz, so you should force 2.4 GHz at longer ranges.

Are you having coverage issues? You bump the power already?

yea i have messed with power settings. I have decent coverage but was just wondering if i were to upgrade if the nanohd had better coverage overall. I may just have to buy a few more aps and place in spots that are on the edge.

I am pretty sure you do get better coverage, but honestly maybe just move your lite to the edge and put the hd in the center

(I just run 2 Pros for my place and dont have any issues, its a 1 story brick house from the late 50s with a basement)

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I have a single AC lite mounted center of a single wide trailer. So a giant tin box. And I can still maintain WiFi outside at the edge of the street. Although I notice it’s slow. Eventually I’ll get a dedicated outdoor one :laughing:

Might I recommend making sure you have the power higher?

Also the LR’s have better range and useful EIRP characteristics than the pros so I would run the LR’s

However no matter what you do. Communication is a two way street. A stronger receive ability which is what the pros give you (not more power most are wrong here) only goes so far. The power is still the legal maximum in the regulatory it doesnt change. So ultimately you need to analyze are you having receive aka RSSI issues on your client end or on your router end. UBQT gives you the power to figure that out. Also any linux verbose output of your connection stats can help.

If you wonder around and notice a loss of connection… watching your admin page. If the receive strength on the router from the client is good but you drop… its your device… in which case you need more AP’s if its the other way around then yeah getting a LR or Pro will help (rarely this case especially since the lights have a 4/5 dBi set of antennas)

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I readjusted the 2.4 power levels between the three and made sure that my channels 1,6,11 are away from the ap closest to it. I am going to run this setup for a bit and monitor my controller statistics. Probably going to mount another ac lite out on back porch area so none of my inside ones are having to stretch to talk to phones out there. I might buy a nanohd for the hell of it and put in place of the ap with most traffic and then move that lite out on back patio. If I do I will report back.

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