Unidentified Nvidia card


first of all thanks for reading this.

last week i found these interesting cards on a second hand website
but i searched everywhere but i can’t find anything

these are some photos wich maybe come in handy
i’m 99% sure that this is the second gen of nvidia and that it is a server gpu without I/O

hope one of you guys maybe knows what this card is
if you need more information please say it because i’m new to the forum :slight_smile:

with kind regards,

Looks like by the BIOS version it is for a GTX 1060.

well maybe the bios version is but this definitely isn’t a gtx 1060
i added a photo what the cards look like


those shrouds make them look like they go in server style chassis, and the power socket at the back being in line with the card, rather than consumer cards

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Its a G200 thats a very very old card

From the looks a server computer card

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i know that these are some old server gpu’s but i need to identify them so i can find drivers for them

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Give me a moment on the drivers

Doesn’t Nvidia bundle their drivers in big blobs? so just get close?

idk i tried so much drivers that i don’t know it anymore.

Try nvidia

GT200 drivers…

going to try that now.

Yeah its a Tesla 2.0 arch from way back in the day. Super old

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could also email the vendor, in case he knows the system they came from?

uhmm yea i don’t know the vendor.
i just bought them in interest of the cards.

i mean the ebay seller

2008? crikey

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Just run GPU Z and see what it says

Duh look at the pcb. :joy:

gpu z doesn’t even recognise it

the ebay seller doesn’t know that either asked him already

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