Unicomp vs Coolermaster to replace dead Ducky

So my Ducky Zero with MX Browns stopped working. Some of the keys just stopped responding. So i'm looking for a new keybpard and im torn between the Unicomp Ultra Classic and the CM Storm Quickfire Stealth with MX Green switches.

Coming from browns i have decided that i want a heavier switch. I have always been kind of disappointed about how light the mx browns were.

Both keyboards generally cost the same. I actually really want the Unicomp but i am worried that the 2KRO will hinder me in Counterstrike. Will i still be able to crouch and jump while moving forward? The only reason i am considering the CM Storm is because it has the standard 6KRO and NKRO (which i never use) and the fact that MX Greens are one of the heaviest switches you can get.

Any opinions on which one i should get would be much appreciated. I am currently typing on a $9 Rubberdome keyboard i just bought at Target and it's miserable.

Also, any idea why my Ducky Zero died? I would love to bring it back to life... but i have no idea whats wrong with it. Just all the sudden the ASDFJKL and 123, Enter on the number pad died.

  • Unicomp Ultra Classic:
  • Storm Quickfire Rapid


  • CM Storm:


I personally have a CM Storm Rapidfire XT with MX Reds and it really is a nice solid keyboard with a good amount of heft to it. 

That's concerning, i have the Same Ducky Zero.   Maybe you kinked the cord?  It is my only gripe about the build quality on this keyboard.  I would opt for the cherry switch.  From the looks of it, it seems you already found the right keyboard.

I haven't taken the board apart due to fear of voiding the warranty in case there it's still covered.
There is no way i could have kinked the cord... it's been sitting in the same spot since i received it 7 months ago. No liquids have ever been spilt on it. I do eat around it, but i don't think a few crumbs could cause the death of a bunch of switches overnight.

Here is a picture of it.