Undervolting in Manjaro

Hello everyone! After some update literally screwed over my Windows (for the third time), i decided to give GNU/Linux a go. I have an RX 480, and i want to replicate the undervolt i did on Windows, in GNU/Linux. I am using Manjaro, and i found a guide here, it said i need to edit /sys/class/drm/card0/device/pp_od_clk_voltage, but that directory is not present on my installation. Any help would be deeply appreciated. If it helps, i am running the latest mesa_aco drivers from the AUR.

Have a look at this:


You need to add some code to your bootloader to enable overclocking. Afterwords log in as root with “su” in a terminal - you won’t be able to write to the files with sudo.

Let me know how it goes and I can help out if you encounter any problems.

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Thanks a lot! I’m going to try and i’ll keep you updated!


UPDATE: I now have those files available, but even with sudo, i only get a permission denied error.

As I stated above:

First login as root by using the command “su” followed with the root password. Arch (and Manjaro) doesn’t allow writing to these files with sudo - you have to be logged in as root.

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Oh shucks, must’ve ignored that part when i read. Sorry, after work i’ll give it a try!

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Thanks a lot StrY! I am finally able to undervolt my RX 480 on linux!