Undervolting a Fury Card for Better efficiency


So I guess kinda like you could turn your card into a Fury X, you could also potentially undervolt it to get better efficiency, putting it on par with a 980 without losing performance

so I guess AMD can optimize it's cards for effeciency as seen with the nano, but I guess they don't do it more because not all of them would work properly at that low of voltage?


"The Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury X Nitro's power consumption plummets from 279W all the way down to a much more moderate 213W. Of course, that only works when your GPU is willing to cooperate at such a low voltage.

If you're aggravated and want to see the same gains from Nvidia's
GPU, get ready for disappointment. Lowering the GPU's voltage just isn't
in the cards because it's achieved by decreasing the internal power
target. Since GPU Boost is a very fragile system, every little drop has a
negative impact on clock rate. In turn, this results in a massive
performance hit. It's not something to complain about, per se. Nvidia
simply has its mechanism optimally balanced, so there's practically no
room for improvement. Consequently, MSI Afterburner doesn't even offer
the option to lower the voltage. It can only be increased."

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Yeah. I mean if you think about it, AMD is probably assuming worst case scenario.

They are thinking that people are going to be using absolute horrible power supplies and shitty motherboards.

No one can honestly trust that their computer parts will get a steady voltage, so they have to overvolt everything for extra insurance.

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They also over volt to make up for the flaws in new manufacturing processes. As they get better at the manufacturing process the chip requires less voltage allowing for undervolting.

This has been true for almost every chip they make, including there CPU's. The best examples of this is there FX 83XXE line of CPU's . The added benefit in this is the chips also usually overclock better than the initial run.

This is so exciting to find out! I totally needed that energy to run an extra light bulb in the house...