Under 1400$ PC

Hello Tek Syndicate Community!

First of all, sorry about my English I'm from Germany. I want to build a good gamer PC about 1400$. I know that many tutorials exist but I want to be sure if my configuration is good. I don't want to overclock.


So here is my list of parts I want to build a PC from:

-CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 4x3,3 GHz

-Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 770 Superclocked ACX Cooler Activ

-RAM: 16 GB Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3-1600 Kit

-Mainboard: ASRock Fatal1ty H87 Performance Intel H87

-CPU Cooler: Thermalright HR-02 Macho Rev.A (BW) Tower Cooler

-SSD: 120 GB Samsung 840 Evo Series 2,5"

-HDD: 1000GB Seagate Desktop HDD ST1000DM003 64MB 3,5"

-Optical Drive: LG Electronics GH24NSB0 DVD-RW SATA

-Power Supply: 580 Watt be quiet! Straight Power E9 CM Modular 80+ Gold

-Case: Fractal Core 3000 Midi Tower


I have a few questions:

-Is the combinatation of CPU, Graphics Card and RAM good or is it unbalanced?

-Is the CPU Cooler enough for a Haswell CPU?

-Is the 580 Watt Power Supply enough?

-Will I get problems with installing the RAM and CPU Cooler on the Mainboard or is there enough space?

-Is it enough to cool the PC with the CPU Cooler and the few installed in the case or is it necessary to install more?


Well thank you for your time and I appreciate your answers.





The build looks good to me. The cpu cooler is fine, you won´t overclock, so you would also be fine with a cheaper one like the coolermaster hyper 212 evo. everything looks good to me, maybe a better psu, like  corsair RM 550W or 650W, but its not a must have.

Okay and thanks for the fast answer!

Any other opinions?

i wouldn't recommend a Xeon for gaming, and you could do with only 8 GB of ram.

here is what i would do with intel: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2sF5R

and here with AMD:http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2sF8u (note the 780 from intel has been changed to 780ti)

Both options would be good, but i would prefer the AMD version, since the processors are giving you the same performance, but you are getting 8 cores with amd compared to 4 with intel, and that would boost up your performance in the future.

Also, if you could use a bit more money, you could get the 780ti with amd for 1470$. and that would perform extremely well. You could max out every game in the market at 1080p with ultra settings, crysis 3 should too.

i hope i helped :)

Thanks a lot for your opinion! I have the information that the Xeon CPU is the same as the i7 4770 but without an onboard graphic card. Anyhow I thought I will use another graphic card so i won't need this. Compared the Xeon and the i5 CPU. What is more powerful?

The 780ti looks nice, but I first thought it would be too expensive. You mentioned that 8 GB RAM would be enough. I think I will go with 8 GB and later I can upgrade when I need more.

yeah for just gaming 8GB of ram will be enough indeed, however games like BF starting to utilize more ram in 64 bit mode 6GB, so i think there will be more games to follow. 8GB would still be enough offcourse. i have 2x8GB in my rig personaly. ☺

The xeon is not even nearly the same as i7 4770, it uses a completely different architecture, and it is made for workstation use, not for gaming. The i5 is way better CPU for gaming.

If the AMD option with the 780ti is too expencive, you could also go with a GTX 780 and the price would be around 1300$. But if you can wait, till the R9 290 come with aftermarket coolers, and their price drop to around 400$, i would choose that over the GTX 780, since they perform quite simular, and the R9 290 would be 100$ less expencive than the GTX 780. But if you can't wait, the GTX 780 will be a great choise and give you flawless gaming performance, and you could max out almost any game on the market with 1080p resolution and Ultra graphics, and do that, while being quiet and run cool :)

So the choice is up to you, what you like the most amd or intel, but both systems will be great for gaming, and overclock like beasts :)

i hope i helped :)

About the GTX780ti i dont see why people talk about it, the price diffrence between the normal GTX780, is not worth the performance diffrence. in my opinnion. nearly $200 more for just a few fps arround 10 mostly..

Again thanks a lot for spending your time to help me. Your answers really helped me.

Now what's about the Power Supply or the Cooler? Is that enough or do I need more (Cooling-) Power?

wenn you go with the Xeon it´s good enough like i said a coolermaster hyper 212 evo, is a cheap but decent cooler, since you not gonne overclock. you absolutly fine with that. the power supply like i mentioned  i dont realy have experiance with Bquiet, but is guess they are not bad, but a corsair RM 550W or 650W is more then enough power for a single gpu setup.

Okay thanks!