Unbuffered ecc ram

hello looking for some suggestions on the cheapest ecc no registered ram 8gb per dim preferably a 16gb kit. 'keep in mind I'm in australia'

ehm which platform are we talk about?

ddr3 sorry forgot to mention it

okay no problem

i found a pair of these Crucials, 1600mhz Cas11 1.35V.

Will depend on what kind of kit's you need... I picked up a decent 4x4 kit used off of fleabay at a similar price. I need 2 - 4 udimm kits for my boards ( 2011lga/C602). Make sure the ram timings are supported by your motherboard or you may end up reselling the ram and trying again. Workstation boards generally have a long list of certified ram with the specs documented.

Starting with 16 gb (4x4) on each side gets me up and running. I'm already thinking about how I'm going to retire the board for ddr4 but the budget won't stretch there yet.