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Everytime I read, "Intel is better than AMD." A little part of me dies.
Not because I consider AMD>Intel, but because a lot of benchmarks and tests that have been done show that he 8350 beats the i5-3570k. But I find myself, every time I search for opinions of the 8350 vs the 3570k, the results are littered with Intel fanboys tripping over eachother to scream at the poor soul to throw all of his money at Intel.
I understand that Intel is the better option for more expensive processors (as in more expensive, more performance i.e. server processors) but as far as I can see TekSyndicate has a userbase of mainly unbiased opinions (the most biased things I see are graphics card opinions, but most of them are solidly backed up instead of screaming at the person to throw his money to Nvidia/AMD.
This post belongs more in General Discussion, but I prefer it here because CPU opinions are what made me make this.


Me>GPU Guru

I really do not care what CPU i have as long as it can push whatever the rest of my system has...

I own both Intel 1155 and AM3 Dragon builds.

well, everyone here has their favorites i'm sure, but most of us are able to put aside our personal preferences if they do not realy suit a particular situation. we're fans, not fanboys/fangirls. we have brains, that is the diff.

I want to say all forums are bias to some degree but its all down to personal opinions. Somehow it always manages to turn into rabid trolling and brand circle jerking (always take things as a grain of salt). 

Just remember computers, tablets, phones, etc. are just tools, nothing to lose sleep over.

differece is, I'm not using other tools for 16+ hrs/day.

I would also liek to say that I am partially the subject of that inbox email, however, that is not the whole story, and is not really a big deal.

Oh well, I would point out if i was in an inbox too, no troubles.

I'm all for whichever part(s) give best price/performance. My last build was AMD cpu and gpu. My current is Intel and Nvidia. I have noticed myself going back and forth every 2 years over past 12 years when i do upgrades to mobo, cpu and gpu.

Ive had to try and i guess you could say "defend" the i5 and a bunch of other components from fanboys a few times, but i agree that the community is mainly unbiased and in general just awesome.

Sadly there are alot of fanboys on the internet, because Intel is now widespread and newcomers to PC gaming and other stuff mostly automaticaly take Intel just because its everywhere, those apple styled commericals. It makes me sick.

Nobody does the research.

The only things that I own that are Apple are MP3 Players, I'd never buy a phone from them, god forbid a computer.

When it comes to the FX-8350 vs the i5 3570K, it really depends on what you're using them for.

If I'm just going to be gaming then I'd probably lean toward the 3570K, but if I'm going to be gaming, streaming, video rendering, 3d modeling, or doing some really heavy multitasking, then I'm going to go for the FX-8350.

The reason I say that is simple: The 3570K has more powerful cores, while the 8350 has more cores. Most games only use between 2-4 cores, so the 3570K should do better in gaming simply because its cores are more powerful. If you're multitasking pretty heavily or using a program that utilizes a lot of threads, then the FX-8350 will be able to handle the workload better, simply  because there are more cores to take care of it all.

Agreed, take into mind Oc'ing though, and the slight memory bandwidth advantage, at the same clock speeds theyre pretty much identical.

well, I was the supposed 'fanboy'. it was before I knew premiere didn't have opencl. i was pushing the guy to get an amd gpu. nowadays, i'm les... pushy... about stuff. if peopkle want to screw up, that's there problem, and in all reality, they probably won't notice the diff.

I really hate reading "THE 3570K BEATS THE 8350 HANDS DOWN NO CHANCE GET THE 3570 IT BEATS THE 8350 SO HARD IN GAMING AND IS MUCH MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK." It's like, fanboy more please. I understand the 3570K is good for gaming, but @ stock clocks theyre about even, whereas the 8350 does better in certain tasks.

Exactly, its like people hear one reviewer or Internet personality say one thing like "X did a bit better then Y here" and the all of a sudden its X is the best and Y is no where even close ect...

Why do people care much about fanboys just ignore them done.