Unable to save NVIDIA X Server Settings

I’ve been running into issues setting up a secondary graphics card to be used by my secondary monitor for Pop_OS. I have not be able to get the NVIDIA X Server settings to save to X configuration file. Regardless of where I try to save the file or permissions I have set on the folder/files, I’m getting Unable to open X Config file for writing. I’ve tried rebooting, running sudo nvidia-settings, sudo nvidia-xconfigure followed by trying to save to /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but nothing seems to work. Both monitors work if I run them both via the GTX 1080, however, once I try to use the 980ti for my secondary display, I’m unable to enable it. Any assistance you’re able to provide would be most appreciative.

OS: Pop_OS 19.04
NVIDIA Drivers: 435.21


In a terminal, using sudo, make a backup of your current configuration. Using sudo, open configuration file, delete all text in it. In Nvidia configuration, look at a preview of the changes, copy the text and paste it in your terminal editor (shift+ctrl+v).

Quick update on the progress. I tried what you had suggested and I am able to get the display to come up, however, it is only showing a black screen and when I move the cursor over there, it just shows a black X. I’ve tried rebooting since making the changes, but am still getting the same results. Any suggestions for getting past this part?