Unable to play Hotline Miami 2 Linux...au

So I just finished the first Hotline Miami. I know I’m late to the party, but I can report the game has aged great! Works well on Linux mint 18.03 too. I got a lot of fun out of a game that was only 8 hours long. It’s nice to finish a game instead of it going on for what it feels like forever.

So I went to purchase the next one on steam only to find that it’s not sold in Australia… The devs said “Just Pirate It”

I can find it on various sources but only the latest patch Version 1.07 on windows…
I’d really like to find a patched Linux version to add to my collection.

If anyone can point me in the right direction it’d be appreciated.

So according to the rules you can’t ask about piracy. But as Australia is a shithole, we can worm the rules here some. Just be careful as to how you word your posts in the future please.

So, first question obviously, have you tried a VPN? Or purchasing it on GOG? Personally I am liking Gog a lot more for single player games, and steam for multiplayer games.

Alternatively, move to kiwi land so you don’t have to deal with whiney liberal nannies.

My bad. Alternative options to purchase the game then.
I do have a GOG account it’s not on the Australian one either. I suspect New Zealand shares the same blocks as Australia as I can’t find Hotline Miami two on GOG when using a VPN to NewZealand. It is on GOG right?

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I’m pretty sure it is. Else VPN to the US!

Currently in Switzerland. It seems I can purchase it even when signing into my GOG account created in Australia. Now I need to do a bit of digging to see if it will region lock me. I would think GOG would have the best rules out of all the game marketplaces.

GOG just has to follow country rules. If it thinks you’re in another country it’ll ignore wherever you actually are. It won’t lock it, they can’t really do that, nor is that their motto. Its why I like GOG a lot more.


For future reference you can also buy a steam key from places like Green man gaming and kinguin, then add it to your steam library.
From what I can see it circumvents the block reddit post

Thank you for the help in solving such a annoying problem.

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