Unable to locate silver gskill trident z royal 128gb kit

Announcement: https://www.gskill.com/en/press/view/g-skill-launches-trident-z-royal-series-ddr4-rgb-memory-kits

Hello, I’ve been trying to find 128gb of this new very flashy ram for a build I’m working on (I’m already aware of pricing and its all just for looks).

According to this diagram, I should be able to purchase some 16gb dimms of this module at the 3200 speed. So I could essentially just get multiple 16gb dimms. But all I can find anywhere is 2x8gb dimm kits which only would allow me up to 64 gigs of ram total, where as I need 128gb.

Any suggestions or ideas in sourcing 128gb of the silver G.Skill Royal Memory?

Not sure why my google foo failed me, but I found at least one location selling it in the 16gb fashion.