Unable to get spice-vdagent working properly

Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to get spice-vdagent working properly on a guest Arch Linux installation for a few days now with no luck. By using spice, I should be able to automatically resize my guest VMs resolution to match my remote viewer window’s size, and allow shared clipboard between the OS running the viewer and my guest VM. I have been unable to get either working.

The background info for my setup:

  • Proxmox 7.0 Hypervisor
  • Arco Linux D with DWM window manager
  • SPICE is configured as the display in Proxmox and 128MB are assigned to the qxl video card
  • The spice-vdagent is installed on the guest OS


I have been troubleshooting and looking at the logs, and it looks like the spice-vdagent is not communicating at all over the vitio serial driver it should use for some reason. Here are the status of the spice-vdagent services:

It appears to me that the spice-vdagent.service should auto start when it detects a connection from a spice remote viewer, but that is not happening so the spice-vdagent.service remains inactive. I can manually start the spice-vdagent.service but that results in these errors:

I know that the video driver/card being used is the QXL one, which is correct:


The virtio socket does exist:

Pretty frustrating since on guest systems running Ubuntu or PopOS this is supposed to “just work”. If anyone could provide me with some suggestions for further troubleshooting or learning, I would greatly appreciate it.

Best Regards,