Unable to Get into Supermicro X10-SLL-F BIOS with IBM ServeRaid M1015 (IT Mode)

Hey y’all, I’m a first time poster. Came here cause y’all seemed nice.

Anyway, I have a NAS server with 3x12TB RAID-Z1 with a 2 TB Special Metadata device that is running TrueNAS Scale. The problem is I hate TrueNAS Scale due to its poor feature compatibility with virtual machines and containers, at least to my taste. That and Truecharts was setting off my bullshit detector.

My solution is to switch to Proxmox to install whatever VMs I want where I plan to install a TrueNAS core VM and relegate it to NAS duty only and spin up a Debian VM and set up Docker containers to serve all my services (media streaming, documentation, books, etc).

The problem, as is stated in the title is that I cannot get into the BIOS. The delete key appears to be the right key to press to get in. But instead of going into the BIOS, it gets into the M1015’s BIOS and just gets stuck there until the board reboots itself, never getting into the BIOS.

I’m just stumped and don’t know where to go from here. Any advice or tips for moving forward?

EDIT: Fixed it by pulling out the offending drive, changing the boot order in the BIOS as it allowed me in, then replugged the drive back in to use for Proxmox.

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