Unable to get BMC running on ASUS WRX80E-SAGE Pro

I can’t seem to get the BMC to work on this motherboard. My CPU fans aren’t spinning and from what I’ve read, the controller is within BMC. The fans will come on momentarily, then will stop when the Beep occurs.

Server Management within BIOS says it is not running. I also don’t see the the LED indicator light at all. I tried setting the IP manually, I notice it doesn’t have a mac address.

What I’ve tried:
– Reflashed BIOS with the latest version.
– Playing with the IPMI and BMC toggle.
– Tried a Pure BIOS flash, but when using the FLASH2.BAT, it says it is not running.

My Unraid setup if it matters:
Threadripper 3955WX
Noctua cooler with 2 fans
1000w PSU
6700 XT
2 SSDs
11 HDDs