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Unable to Confirm Info from Level1 News

In the 17 June News here, Ryan mentions that the UE5 devs “admitted the tech demo was run on a 2080.” Can anyone help me find this? The only information I’ve been able to find that is remotely relevant is an Epic dev stream with Chinese devs talking about their laptop running the tech demo better than the PS5.

Thanks for any help.


For anyone interested, here is the Epic Games Chinese dev stream that was taken down when Tim Sweeney became aware of it, and here are English translations of some key points made by the devs.

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Yes, that article is about the information I was referring to in the OP. Unfortunately, after reading everything related to that stream and viewing the stream itself (and the accompanying translations), there’s nothing about devs admitting that the demo was run on a 2080 instead of the PS5. The context of Ryan’s statement seems to indicate that the demo was not run on the PS5, despite being presented as such.


the link to the source is in there, but the tweet was deleted

there was a translation done. up to you if you think its real or not.

The source is still available on Youtube, but they are simply saying that it can run on their laptop. They aren’t saying that the demo presented in the massively popular video was run on a PC instead of the PS5. I’ve seen all the information about this stream while I was searching for anything about UE5 devs having "admitted the tech demo was run on a 2080.”

Maybe I’m not being clear? Sorry. I’m searching for information that shows what Ryan referred to in the news video. I’ve already seen everything related to the Chinese stream, but that isn’t what Ryan was talking about.

Thanks for trying to help! :slightly_smiling_face:

I actually searched that as well right after I heard him say it, but like you I found nothing. I think it might have just been a mix up/mistake with confusing the statement that it will run on a 2080 vs the tech demo was running on a 2080.

Yeah, maybe that’s it. I was desperately searching for confirmation because I was certain that the dynamic resolution scaling in the UE5 demo was using DLSS 2.0 tech from Nvidia.

Lol, maybe I just want it to be true when it was just a misunderstanding.

Oh well. :sweat_smile:

Well you could ask the man himself @ryan.

He may grace us with an answer.

Fwiw I saw it too but some of the info is taken down now. Not just the deleted tweet but a deleted video as well. Another person said it was a misstatement but there was maybe also some indication one of the demos was just playing a recording, too.

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I did see a fair number of people mentioning some outrage/scrambling by Epic in response to the stream. Who knows if there may have been some key information removed, at this point. I thought that may have been an issue while I was searching. I’m certain there would be some level of damage control after the fact.


Thanks for responding. :grin:

It was actually the xbox demo. I confused the consoles. They all look the same to me, because I am an unapologetic console racist.


Yeah, I had made that correction on the YT comments and link a Digital Foundary video where they talk about the xBox demo being what “MS imagined the games to look like on real hardware” and that MS had plans to show games running on real hardware in July (I said June in the comment). DF also mentioned that they had the chance to actually get their hands on real PS5 hardware and that it looked really good.