Unable to boot from fresh install ARCH LINUX

i was installing mainline arch on my pc today i have installed arch before also, i followed the guide made a efi system partition, a root partition and a swap partition made efi partition fat32 root ext4 and swap swap everything went fine i reached the end of install guide i install grub with efibootmgr it goes smooth make grub config all good, untill i reboot then no os detected even grub not loading up it says insert bootable media press any key to continue. this has never happened before. i have tried installing through archfi also no help.

You could check to make sure the storage device it is on hasn’t died. Try making an ultimate boot CD and booting that and checking.


Make sure your bios isn’t set to csm or a non uefi boot. Make sure boot priority is set to what you need it to be.

UPDATE - i disconnected my ssd on which i installed the os connected it to another pc, booted into live usb chroot-ed into installation and ran grub-mkconfig command rebooted it, it booted just fine. i guess it has something to do with uefi. uefi on my system is enabled and i had windows 10 on it before i installed arch it was booting in uefi mode too. i installed again in legacy-bios mode its booting now. i dont understand i have installed before also in uefi. maybe its because they removed packages from base install maybe i need some package. just a guess

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just wanted know is it possible to change os from legacy to uefi without formatting or reinstalling os?

for linux I’m pretty sure you can. it just requires that you reconfigure grub.

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im worried that converting to uefi might break my system again cause it to not boot? can i safely revert back to legacy incase it did not work? should i back up something?

you dont have to be on uefi. I was just saying to check your efi settings because in your OP you said you set grub up withh efibootmgr.

if legacy works for you and you dont want to change it then leave it alone.

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i wanted to use plymouth actually it works in uefi only i guess. and actually this install i did with archi script with dos partition table i dont think it installed efibootmgr.

Your issues is most likey secure boot. You need to turn that off in UEFI. You might also see it as otheros support (Asus). Lastly, id you have CSM turned on, make sure to tell UEFI to look for UEFI devices first.

I just ran into a nonbootable system. it was due to the EFI system on the mobo being out of space due to bios dumps. The Arch wiki is your friend.


i don’t see any option like secure boot, i do see a fast boot option and an msi fast boot separate options i turned both off. i have a msi b150m mortar mobo. and boot mode is set to legacy+uefi.

plymouth or bootsplash should work no problem regardless of whether using MBR or UEFI boot