UM560XT bios settings - ADVICE NEEDED

what are these setting for in my miniforums um5600xt’s bios
an what do they do an can they be adjusted an if so by how much ?

are the 1 - 4 temp steps like setting a fan curve an the 1 -4 fan pwm’s the
desired speeds at temp if so whats the fan Tolerance for an start or limit point

is SmartShift like TurboBoost etc.
an is ther a way to disable turbo boost at set a near static value like 3.8 or 4ghz
an is one of those setting a voltage control

an for home use with mild oc should the um560xt be set at 25watt mode or stay on auto

i need some step by step info an advice on all this.

also were can i get either a custom 3d printed case
for extended case drive room an cooling as putting a good heat-sink on the nvme ssd an
having a 2.5in ssd is cramped (mine with a EZDIY-FAB M.2 SSD heatsink 2280, Double-Sided Heat Sink an a 2.5in ssd is cramped)

id like to print my own case mods but have no idea were to start , such as getting the right specs an dims to cad up a design to print
i got a Anycubic 3D Printer Kobra 2 Pro for last xmas so with the right software an files i could do my own case mods


SmartShift is TurboBoost etc.

I guess the POR Configuration is power target?

CPU fan control is what it says.

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