Ultimate Living Room

Hey guys. I have decided to go all in and upgrade the tech in my living room. I am going to get a 78" 4k curved 3D TV and build a NAS. to watch 4K content from Netflix, M-Go and Amazon and I would also like to use it PC gaming. My two questions are 1. What am I going to need in the way of a video card and 2. Will I need to be hardwired to the internet or will I be able to stream with a wireless 802.11ac card?

Interested in which tv you are getting. I assume it is a Samsung? I am assuming it has HDMI 2.0 (and not display port) in which case you will want an Nvidia graphics card. The 900-series has HDMI 2.0.

As far as internet connection. Wireless will be fine for the streaming, but if you will be doing competitive multiplayer gaming, wired will be better in terms of latency.

Yes, I am looking at a Samsung UN78JS9500. I am interested in wireless because I want to be able to turn the connection off when I am not using it. Keeping all of my movies, music, pictures, ect. on my NAS, I would much prefer some one having to get past my two Akitas to mess with my system then being able to do it wile I'm cooking dinner.

  • Wired > wifi, regardless if its AC or not. Only wifi if you have no other options.
  • 4k GPU??? budget? ideally you'd want something like a 980ti (or 2 of them), or 8gb 390's in xfire.
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Dear God. that is a beast TV. really low motion blur and some of the lowest input lag on a TV. (i think some Sony;s tvs have somewhere near 18ms, but the other TV specs are not that good).

Wireless should be more than adequate for streaming. Assuming you have a decent connection (higher than 20Mbps) then you will be able to handle 4K streaming from Netflix, etc.

what games do you play? a single 980 Ti should be plenty at 4K. Certain games may require a few settings be turned down to get 60fps at 4K, but i am just not a fan of SLI/xfire, so yeah lol.

deejeta: budget is not not an issue so long as it makes sense.

Weston: Currently I am with Charter. I have the option of Skybest. Fiber to my front door. http://www.skybest.com/page/157/skybest_high_speed_broadband_internet.html

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imho if you've got the cash and a rig thats powerful enough to be built around a high end SLI or CFire setup then do it. I would for 4k goodness.