Ultimate DevOps Workstation: Threadripper in the Deepcool Quadstellar: The Build | Level One Techs

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“I got the RX Vega, which is a space heater…”

Speaking of that… GN tested that:

I definitely want to know how to setup pfsense in a VM that’s running in tandem with a Windows 10 passthough VM, with pfsense having access to the WAN (the physical NIC passed through to the VM) and making a virtual LAN within QEMU so that Windows 10 can still access the net, but none of it’s telemetry goes out the physical NIC cause only pfsense has access to that, and the appropriate firewall rules have already been set. And maybe show how to do a Samba share from the virtual LAN run by pfsense to a directory mount on the host without needing external routing, so files can be swapped backwards and forwards between Windows and the host.

All of course, on the Threadripper system, which can do a Windows 10 VM in tandem with a pfsense VM no problem.

Guide bot … Descent

The 1st gen Enermax TR4 coolers may have corrosion, blockage or other issues as people are reporting. may want to replace it with a Gen 2 cooler ASAP.

I’ma switch to an air cooler asap.



Really excited about part 2!

Are you going to dive into Docker itself as well as other DevOps toolchain builds? Will you dabble in the DevOps philosophy, or get right into the technical side?

Will there be multi-threaded compilations or just the infrastructure side of things?

If I have to wait until the video, that’s fine. :sob:

I’ll probably watch as many videos as you can produce on DevOps. I find myself repeatedly developing custom acquisition systems for research, but… I just don’t have my tools in order (mainly on the software side, hardware I do have a grip on). Some DevOps philosophy lessons would probably do me good as well, and tie into your “Become a digital mercenary” series nicely. Go forth and teach us!

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Shouldn’t the fans be pushing air outside the case, through radiator? What’s the thermodynamic theory on this build? :slight_smile:

Would need enough intake to properly feed all of the fans for that to work.

Please follow up with part 2. Can you elaborate on how you setup ZFS on Fedora? Can you do ZFS on root without too much trouble? Cool tricks with Docker and ZFS? …ZFS+docker+database ? (I’ve heard contradictory opinions on this one)

BTW: @discobot is awesome


This video was OK, but I’m really forward to seeing a devops video if you ever make one.

Couldn’t quite be sure from the video, but are the hard drives mounted slanted, compared to horizontal? As far as I know, all HDD manufacturers suggest to always mount HDDs level (upside down doesn’t matter), or standing on any end/side, but never at an angle (other than 0, 90, 180).

i’m working towards my own DevOps workstation. Build priorities are DevOps > mining > windows-games. i’m earning my x399 build by assembling the pieces on a 2400g build.

first, i’m still working towards TB3 functionality per my post in the other thread. i’ve bought the x399 designare ex, now deciding between the 2970wx vs the 1950x.

second, i’m very interested in the DevOps build. lots of work and research. today i’m running windows 10 pro with docker on hyper-v. working now on constructing a devops cluster using kubernetes on ubuntu. Ubuntu was chosen because it’s got decent microsoft support as a hyper-v vm. this is the guide i’m currently working with: https://www.edureka.co/blog/install-kubernetes-on-ubuntu

I would love a part 2, part 3-??? sounds good too. I watch all your videos and enjoy them but this would be the type of videos that i would love.

Bumping cause I found this build in the Quadstellar which is a good candidate to being a companion build to the one you did:


-_- I thought part 2 was out…

I am very disappointed in this thread bump…

@wendell This is my Quadstellar build Scar 2.0. Not so much Devops but more HTPC and overflow AI/ML data science workstation. It is by far the best case I have ever owned and a great center piece. And yes when people see it they are like “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!” LOL!!

If I had the patience and courage I would probably have gone custom loop. However, the thought of a custom loop and making a mistake that causes a leak scared me too much.

Built with GPU passthrough in mind but no longer using that so now just waiting for Big Navi to come out and swap out both the 208ti and Radeon VII with 2 Big Navi GPUs to make this a halo AMD 7nm build (ignoring the CPU IO). Probably going to be the last major build I do for another 5-7years.