UK Hosting


I am looking for some decent hosting, not a dedicated managed server and not some space on an overloaded shared server with 10,000 wordpress websites clunking away on it.

I had a hostpapa account, they were ok at 1st but then started to slow down lots.
I had a 1&1 shared hosting account and their service and tech issues made me leave.
I have used fasthosts but I think they are shait.
I have used 123reg and godaddy and thought, hosting that my mother would buy

Looking for proper geek, web developer hosting, not IT illiterate big pictures in your face hosting whom boasting about wordpress or some shait web builder tool they have.

I am currently with Vidahost, their "Cloud Hosting Unlimited Plan", £19.99 per month ex VAT, so about £240 per year with the 1 year free domain.

Their plan is fine, I get unlimited space, bandwidth, mysql databases, php 5 to 7 (7 doesn't work correctly though - been waiting over 2 weeks on an issue with sessions and cookies I found on the server, but I don't think they care). So all the technical things a web developer like me needs are there. However the speeds of framework based php web projects I have with them can sometimes take up to 25 seconds to generate and then as the page streams down I can see images of dimensions 400x300 streaming in, now I know there is nothing wrong my end so I have a feeling they have overloaded the server with too many people.

I need a host that wont do this, that can give me decent php speeds, mysql query speeds and have 1/2 decent network connectivity, especially for £240 per a year! I am not expecting dedicated server performance from rackspace or something, but I would like not to have my website hosted on a Samsung Galaxy S1.

Who would you recommend?
UK Hosts or Hosting providers with UK based servers only please.



For me it was worth the work to take basically everything in my own hands.

I run a 10$/month Digitalocean Instance (definitely recommend) and installed everything i needed on it by myself.
For 10$/year I got my own domain and that was pretty much all.

Now I got a pretty well performing website (minimum 1/2 Gbit connection), basically can do everything I want it to do.
I you want to take a look at it

I know its a pretty DIY approach, but for me it was well worth it.

That sounds like a very tall order; generally it's either a server like Linode or shared web space.
The only other thing I can think of is Azure, which will allow you to host a website without needing to go to CLI.

They're based in the US though.

They have a number of EU servers.

Digitalocean has got a data center located in London