UK Domain and Hosting recommendations?

Hey all,

I’ve been using the same one for 10+ years, but I’m growing a little tired of how incompetent they are.

So, any recommendations please? Currently I have a few HTML only websites, and a handful of wordpress installs.

Here’s the reason - my website was down and it’s obvious it was. There was some sort of SSL error and IONOS didn’t care. It was routed through CloudFlare and worked very well for at least 6 months.


Hmm :confused:

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Cheers Tim!

I personally use Gandi for domains. I’ve never used them for hosting, but they do appear to have a good offering (including WordPress). Their company motto has always been “No bullshit” and they live and die by that. On occasions where I’ve had issues, whether it be something with a domain or billing, they’re usually very quick to resolve the issue.


Domain, buy / extend where it can be the cheapest. Later, transfer it even to a free dns

If you already have an eye on some hosting, you can check the ping CDNPerf - CDN Benchmark - Worldwide multiple locations ping tool

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Thanks for that Davie, very much appreciated :+1:

Thanks again Tim, really helpful :+1:

I second, works just fine however you are expected to know your way around domains.

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I recommend GoDaddy

Thanks David, and welcome to the forum, very handy that you’ve registered here and let me know that.

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Cheers Dizzy :+1:

I think so far I’m going to try OVHCloud that @TimHolus mentioned. They’re around £25 a year and it seems I can have 5 wordpress installs on there for that!

Just consider the fact that the location is France. Won’t it affect the access times for your needs…

From what I hear ovh starts to increase prices by 10% because inflation / electricity prices… Others will probably also start to increase over time.

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Thanks Tim, I did do an amateur test and assumed their website server was in France, and the latency was pretty great. Better than IONOS by a fair margin - a tenth of the speed.

Thanks for the headsup re price increases, France is pretty big on Nuclear, so hopefully it won’t rise by too much. Really though, anything is better than IONOS when it comes to WP…they pretty much took away the amount of DB’s I can have over night. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for this interesting solution!

For hosting i always preferred hetzner over IONOS and for DNS i mainly stuck with namecheap.

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Thanks for that, they seem pretty reasonable too. :+1: