Uh oh. VX3211-4K-MHD VESA Mount may be too high for my Amer HYDRA2B

I only just realized that the 32’’ size designation for the monitors on the Amer Mounts HYDRA2B is only if the VESA mount is dead center on the monitor. The VX3211-4K-MHD has it’s VESA mount super high up the monitor…

What should I do? The only height adjustable VESA to VESA mount I could find only supports 75x75.

Plus as I stated in my review, the VESA mount is only to the plastic backing, not to the metal frame.

The Amer HYDRA2B:

Pit the 4k on the bottom.

I just need someone to go over the official dimensions to see how high the arm would even lift the monitor in the stock configuration. If the answer is “It hits the desk,” that’s no good at all.

Well, called their support and they are so overwhelmed they have no support staff. Left a message and they didn’t respond by the end of business hours.

Finally got through to their support and we came to the conclusion this thing with spacers might work, but it’s still on the flimsy back panel nuts rather than the metal frame of the monitor.

Okay, another solution, if anyone with access to Acer’s part catalog for monitors can get me a stack of part numbers for the VESA mounting mechanism of the Acer ET322QU with the stand, then it can also work for mounting my ViewSonic monitor.

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