Ugh, watermarking my work

Alright, so I’ve designed some things i’d really like to show off. Honestly, i’m just torn about designing a logo or simply scanning my signature/initials and putting it on my work.

Suggestions? Which should I go for?

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Do you have a website? I’d just stamp the website across it, if you don’t want people to rip it off.


You can do either text or logo with this service.

Don’t put the logo/initials near the edges, because people will simply crop that out.

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@Goalkeeper Figured as much.

But what about me making a signature in marker/whatever, scanning it, giving some finesse and just using that for now.

I was thinking of just scaling it up and putting it over my entire piece or pieces with transparency?

I uploaded something to Dribbble but… gah, I don’t understand how people can simply do it without hesitation. Hub for stealing people’s shit… I don’t know. I’m just kind of torn.

There’s something i’d really like to show to Rockstar Games.

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Definitely watermark that shit


The best tip I can give is to position it in a place where it would be hard to crop out (usually on the subject or near the subject). But I make sure to somehow make and effort to blend it in with the picture to not spoil the aesthetic of the photo.

The photo editing software I use makes it easy to add a custom logo/watermark (not Photoshop: Picktorial). But if you’re not keen on using a whole new software just for watermark, your initials idea will do I guess (although time consuming). Anyway, if you’re using a macbook, I’ve found out that you can add watermark using Apple Keynote here: Hope it helps.

Also if quality is not critical for the presentation of the photo, i would also use a low quality jpg maybe even a 3rd or fourth generation jpg of the original.

that way for those who do dare and crop and or alter your work, their subsequent saves will be pretty terrible.


I would just make a new layer with what ever you want to mark you image in it covering the whole picture, and emboss and apha transparency it out so you get a see through logo or writing with edges so that it is not ruining the image but clearly visible.

Greyscale whatever you are going to put over it.

Like this fine example:

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Sheesh! Been a while since I last posted, guys. Thanks for the replies. I’ll definitely try that @Zibob.

I was thinking of signing my name as I normally do by hand and then scanning that, working with that. I love these sites where people can post their stuff. But at the same time, I can’t help but be paranoid someone’s gonna be a little smartass and steal my shit.

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