UDP and Evil ISP

I cannot seem to port forward udp ports on my router. Everything was done correctly, according to the router, the port is open. However, the port simply won't open. Could this perhaps be due to my isp locking down the router?

Have you tested this from an external host? If it failed, what response did you get (ICMP port administratively prohibited, no response)?

Is the internal host listening on the requested port?

Is the host reachable from the router?

I have tested from both an internal and external host. Same issue, no response. Yes, it is attempting to listen and the host is reachable from the router.

Can you see the packets coming into the internal host? Try using traceroute <publicIP> -p <udpPort> from an external host to see if any hops in the path are blocking that port.

Thank you for the help but my speculation was right. After a long call with my ISP, it turns out they have locked all udp ports on the router completely.

Ouch, that sucks! I'm surprised they still gave you the option to forward UDP ports. Are they able to lift the lock, or would you need to invest in a new router?

I'd need to invest in a new router or perhaps install a different software on the current. I'll probably end up building a router with an old pc I have lying around at some point.

Sounds like a plan! Which ISP are you with, anyway? I haven't had any issue so far with Virgin Media.

I'm with Sky. They've done everything well up until this point, even given me upload and download speeds higher than stated in the contract. They also dealt with the situation quite well, understanding exactly what I meant while on the phone and advising me to get a new router. I suppose this is the one let down so far.

Out of interest, what speeds do you get? Virgin give a 20:1 contention, which is great if I ever need to download stuff a 7.5MB/s , but 400KB/s upload is a bit of a pain.

i'm really starting to believe my ISP (belgian ISP) is the only non-evil one out there...

10mb/s down and 1mb/s up or about 1.25MB/s down and 0.125MB/s up, typically.

Better contention than me. 60Mbps down and 3Mbps up seems just a little far apart... Not that I don't like with 7.5MB/s downloads...

No, i've a worse connection.