Ubuntu speaker fix

So I finally installed ubuntu..

When I play music only the subwoofer in my lap top plays sound (Dell xps m1710)
Its been years since the sub worked (stoped working since i upgraded from xp) but how would I get the 2 normal speakers working?

Im VERY new to linux but im not a complete idiot when it comes to figuring out my way around an OS or computer.

EDIT: Also noticed when raising the volume its very awkward. it goes from almost silent to decent sound to obnoctiously loud.. thats within 3 presses of the volume button.


Install Linux mint

Install Linux mint

Eeh. No.

Are the normal speakers and the subwoofer own devices? You can configure pulseaudio with pavucontrol (it will show your devices, too).

Purple -Iv tried linux mint a few times all of which kept giving me the hair pulling issue of putting my lap top on its lowest brightness. Nothing I did could fix that issue. I got lucky ubuntu finally installed without that issue so now I can sonsider using linux. 

  •  Wicked- not sure what you mean by "own devices". If you mean they are built into the lap top then yes they are. Its pretty weird how all the times iv installed a linux distro my speakers work fine but now they dont. I guess thats a side effect of finally being able to see my screen lol. Ill look up that pulseaudio see if it works. Im currently going through google to see all the fixes i can try. As usual everything failes or doesnt work for me. :/ 

I want to know if they are separate cards. Have you looked at pavucontrol, yet? I'm sure it's just pulseaudio being configured wrong.