Ubuntu server with xfce4 network manager

installed Ubuntu server. everything went swimmingly. Raid and zfs up and going, shares, apps, all no sweat… but I like to run xfce, and when I went to set all my ip addresses, it hits. Network manager will sometimes let me change nic settings, but won’t actually change settings, or it won’t let me edit any of the connections. will only run dhcp to my internet router. Nothing static will stick. Googled it and seems to be pretty common, but the 3 things I tried, none helped, just made shit more screwy with each reboot.

Any tips? could it just be the gui? xfce4 on lightDM.

I’ve never used a DE on Ubuntu server, but my first guess is that netplan is interfering. Check the netplan config and see if it’s overriding the changes you’re making in the network manager GUI.


That’s the direction I needed. Thanks.