Ubuntu Server 17.04 Installed WEIRD!

For S&G I installed ubuntu server to take advantage of the Raid 0 Option (2-SSDs). I installed gnome via the tasksel command and the PPA method and get the same result

There are a whole “host” of issues; I can’t see my wired ethernet connections (unmanaged), and I can’t run firefox unless it is as root, thumbnails don’t show, etc.

Did I miss something with the install? Does anyone gnow a solution. Do i need to switch distribtutions to get a Raid-0 option on the desktop?

Are you trying to do RAID 0 through you motherboard or through LVM? The former is probably easier but LVM provides a lot more flexibility, and should be doable through the graphical installer.

I believe Gnome uses Network Manager to handle networking in its GUI, so if you aren’t using network manager you won’t be able to take advantage of Gnome’s networking UIs.

What is the output of running firefox as non-root?

If your goal is to just RAID 0 a couple of SSDs to install Ubuntu, I’d recommend doing it with your motherboard’s UEFI, and then just installing Ubuntu on that volume. Also, don’t use 17.04, support is about to end. I’d recommend using 17.10.

I install the Gnome desktop using the Tasksel command. So i thought all of the associated programs would fallow. When I installed 17.10 with Gnome it had the amazon enema in it


When I installed 17.10 with Gnome (tasksel) it had the amazon enema in it. so should i go back to 16.04?