Ubuntu says missing files on startup

I just put Ubuntu on my cyber school laptop to get through the fire wall and it says it's missing files on the bios screen or whatever. It just has tons of [] things and says cannot find files, I've re-downloaded and installed it onto my computer about 3 times and the same thing just happens. I'm just downloading it to the hard drive btw.

I have no idea what you just said but here are some basic steps:

1: download ubuntu live cd (32bit version)

2. burn it onto a disc, or even better: mount it on a usb flash drive (make it bootable) ~ if you're using a flash drive, the simplest way to do it is with LiLi (http://www.linuxliveusb.com/)

3. insert disc/flash drive and start the computer

4. if it doesn't boot by default, go into bios and make it boot

You can stick that cd/flash drive into any computer now and run ubuntu (faster if you use a flash drive)

Do I just put it onto a flash drive the same I would a disc? I've always used my hard drive and just straight download it.

 It's saying Can't open/dev/sr0 could not find iso ubuntu install installation.





So I am pretty lost with what is going on but I will just tell you how to do everthing from the first step.

1.Download Ubuntu

2.If you are going to use a usb flash storage device download universalusbinstaller and do all the settings and what not

3.if you are going to use some sort of disk just burn it


5.at startup it will tell you what to press to get into the boot menu

6.do it

7.boot into disk or flashdrive

8.follow the installation wizard

If you are getting any black screens or anything try at boot holding down the shift key and then e or whatever key it says and find the place where it says ro $vt_handoff and insert either nomodeset or acpi_osi=Linux in between them and hit ctrl+x and let it boot