Ubuntu not finding folders, files, etc

I am currently having an issue with the Ubuntu terminal not finding files, or maybe the folders, when I input commands to run files through the terminal. I know this is a very vague question, but how do I make the terminal see files and stuff?

Also how do I claim ownership of all folders?

chown - to change the ownership of files.

chmod -  t change access permissions of files.

if you need more info call up the manual page by typing 'man' infront of the command. 

you'll need to be running as 'root' to use these though.


so type 'sudo' before the command. (if you type 'sudo su' into the terminal you'll always run as root.)

So it would be chown *file name* , thank you, and I still can't find an solution for the terminal not finding folders or files




These should help, ive personally never used the command.

Thank you. That helped with my ownership problem, but not the other. Still trying my best though


What do you mean when you say you want to run files through the terminal? Do you want a list of files? Do you want to run an application? Do you want to view a text file?

Linux terminal is case sensitive, are you sure you're not typing MyFile instead of myfile?

Can you see it with ls?