Ubuntu install won't recogize partition

I’m trying to install ubuntu on my laptop as a dualboot install. I have got an unconfigured partition available on my disk. But when I try to install the installer says there is no space. It looks like it only detects my usb drive.
It looks like the drive is configured as a basic drive not a dynamic one.

What could be going wrong?

Did you configure the partition using Windows? There’s a chance the partition is NTFS which Linux cannot boot from.

Also check and make sure it is actually a separate unallocated partition because the vernacular can be confusing sometimes.

You should also be able to do this in your distro’s live environment, but typically I use Gparted Live booted from a dvd or flash drive to edit/verify partitions. ‘Unallocated space’ should be fine, but I suppose you could try formatting the 2nd part as ext4 if you verify the former doesn’t work. You can download it HERE.