Ubuntu Gnome login loop

I installed Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 LTS a couple of days and and was installing everything I needed. I installed the Displaylink drivers and then was in the middle of configuring my monitors when I was randomly kicked out into the login screen and got stuck in a login loop.

I still have access to the CLI and have tried a couple of things to get it working. Tried installing a different login manager (lightdm), didn't work. Tried re-installing gdm, didn't work. Made a new user, which worked, however, I added the new user to the same groups as my previous user (Sudo permissions included), turned off my computer and the next time I turned it on and attempted to login I got stuck in the same login loop with the new user.

Any other suggestions to try and get it working? or do I just have to re-install the OS?

sounds like gnome is crashing, nine times out of ten its a driver issue. otherwise its hard to tell without logs. you could install xfce to test i guess.

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Ok, might just go with re-install and see what happens if it happens again I might have to give up on 14.04 or Ubuntu all together and try another distro

You could also just say fuck it and upgrade the whole distro to 16.04 alpha.

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The alphas available? Might give it a shot if nothing else works

I looked into it for you. Only ubuntu mate and Lbuntu have alphas aside from unity.

The Gnome beta is coming on the 28th

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Ok thanks, if I do go for the alpha I'll use mate, my prefered DE other than gnome