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Ubuntu Encryption

I have Ubuntu 20.04, before that 19.10 and before that 18.04.

I am using a Samsung 960 Evo 250GB

When I first installed Ubuntu it asked if I wanted to encrypt the disk and that worked great.

I am needing more storage so want to add an additional M.2. I’m looking at the Sabrent Rocket. It lists nothing about encryption on the website like the Samsung does.

Does this mean encryption is not possible?
Is it also possible to encrypt a second drive being added after Ubuntu has already been installed?

I don’t see why any drive wouldn’t support encryption. For both encrypted and unencrypted data, you’re still just writing/reading bytes to/from a disk. The only difference being, if those bytes have been scrambled by an encryption algorithm.

Maybe I’m off base but isn’t drive-wide encryption just treated as an OS level flag for some target storage device? When the OS reads data from that storage device it asks itself “Do I need to unencrypt this data before using it?”, and likewise when it’s writing new data.

Also, you shouldn’t have any issues with encrypting your second drive.