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Ubuntu 20.04 with BTRFS-LUKS

I want to fresh release install of 20.04 and utilizes btrfs-luks on / & /home.

However, i want to mount /home on a separate partition so that moving forward i can release/distro hop without loosing my /home folder.

I looked at a few tuts and found this one:

Looking at his partition table.


  1. Do i parallel his installation but with an /dev/sda4 & /dev/mapper/crypt_home (400gb /home & 100GB /)?

  2. After this is done, with all the partitions encrypted w/ keyfiles. Will shrinking the root partition and doing a secondary install with next the distro/release be painful to dual boot or have both options in grub?


Not an issue (from a btrfs pov anyway), I usually have lots of distros and various upgrade states of the main ones, with lots of home directories, all in the same btrfs. The *buntu installer always installs to subvolumes @ and @home, but they’re easily renamed (with mv). I have to edit the /etc/fstab and the grub stanzas that boot them, but that’s all. I’ve even got a gentoo install in there.

A big advantage of btrfs is that you don’t have to juggle space and partitions for multiple distros.