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Ubuntu 18.10 + Radeon VII GPU Passthrough

I decided to roll the dice and try a Radeon 7 with GPU passthrough. Here’s my hardware:

AMD Threadripper 2990wx
MSI Meg X399 Creation
128gb DDR4 @ 2667mhz
Nvidia GTX 1050ti (host)
AMD Radeon VII (guest) - purchased directly from

OS: Ubuntu 18.10 (host)
OS: Windows 10 (Guest)

I had a few challenges, and unfortunately I hit the Vega reset bug. Luckily I have been able to solve the problem using the kernel patch here as well as the devcon trick to enable / disable the card on startup / shutdown.

I have played a few games as well as taken benchmarks between startups. There has been no noticeable performance issues. Firestrike Ultra GPU scores with wattman auto overclocking staying right around 6700-6750 (which is just slightly under most reviewers scores which are mostly 6800 as far as I can tell). Far Cry 5 4k Ultra settings averages 56-57fps which is about 5 fps or 10% lower than the reviews I have seen.

Overall this card seems like a winner and I am excited to see what it can do with even better cooling options down the road. I am going to keep testing to see if there are any problems.