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Ubuntu 18.04 & AppArmor

I did a trial-setup of LookingGlass on ubuntu 19.10 and it worked so well I decided to re-image my development workstation from Windows to Ubuntu and make it my new VM-host / daily-driver system.

I decided to go with 18.04 LTS instead of 19.10, but LTS only comes with libvirt 4 not 5.1. Among other issues, I’m now kind of struggling to get LookingGlass working again, apparently due to AppArmor issues.

Since it’s not entirely clear what the right solution is for LookingGlass on LTS is, can anyone recommend, would it be better for me to update ubuntu to 19.10 or deal with the AppArmor issues? If the latter, what’s the best-practice fix?

So close to getting it all working…

UPDATE: For what it’s worth, solving the AppArmor issue was easy. No need to disable it, just add the line “/dev/shm/looking-glass rw,” to the bottom of /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/libvirt-qemu and this problem was solved.