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Ubiquiti UNMS/UCRM server build


Hello All,

I am looking to build a low-cost UNMS/UCRM server to for about 10 edgerouters and about 500 clients.

I was looking at the NUC I3 8th gen with 16 GB of RAM with a 500 GB SSD running Ubuntu. Is an I3 enough, or should I spring for the I5? From what I have been able to find, UNMS /UCRM is not very CPU intensive and most of the CPU work is done on the edgerouters. I need something in a small compact form factor for around $300 - $500 any suggestions?




I run the UniFi controller on an old core 2 duo to manage my one AP and network camera. I think I had my edgerouter connected to it at some point. It’s not a very hard program to run. So the i3 will likely be fine.



The i3 will be more than enough.